Quick Review (LP): Wasting Light by Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters
Wasting Light
RCA; 2011

My Rating: C (50/100)

Best Tracks: "Bridge Burning", "Rope", "Arlandria", "A Matter of Time"

Dave Grohl must have a NICE garage.

– I’ve never been a huge fan of the Foos, but I will say that The Colour & The Shape is a pretty great album, and the band has shown other flashes of brilliance at different times in their career.
– The key to the best of the Foos is the hard rock mixed with the big pop sensibilities.
– They reach for the big pop sound on a few tracks, but don’t quite hit it.
– Who is that on track 3? Kinda sounds like Mike Patton.
– "Bridge Burning" recalls "Monkey Wrench", a little less poppy.
– I can’t help but think this all sounds a little generic.
– "Arlandria" briefly recalls something from The Pixies. That’s sorta cool.
– "A Matter of Time" also features some sort of poppy Sonic Youth like moments.
– All in all, a waste of time. No disrepect intended to DG, but this is the sound of a band that hasn’t really grown all that much from their inception.
– Here’s the thing: they tried to be a "garage band" here. The problem is, they still sound like a modern rock band in a tricked out studio with a budget to blow through. I would have seriously respected a true "garage" album. Too bad.
The Pitchfork review hits the nail on the head.

Cohesion (4.5/5)
Consistency (4/5)
Consequence (4/5)
Concept (4/5)
Songs (3/5)