Quick Review (LP): There Will Be No Miracles Here by Frontier(s)

frontierscover300 Frontier(s)
There Will Be No Miracles Here
No Sleep Records; 2010

My Rating: A-

Best Tracks: “Young Lives”, “Abul Abbas”

It goes like this: Chris Higdon used to lead the charge for Elliott. Elliott’s first (and, ahem, best) album, US Songs, opened with a track called “Miracle.” Said track was one of the most upbeat in their whole catalog, not really fitting in with their later stuff. Higdon now fronts Frontier(s), who have just released their debut LP a few months back. Get it? There will be no “Miracles” here. So goodbye Elliott. Now, it’s not that this record is a complete departure from Elliott’s dense and moody hard rock,  it’s just that it’s stripped of the former band’s more atmospheric tendancies. This is a straightforward post-punk record, full of Jawbox-style indie rock. And it’s quite a good one at that. Yet the message is clear: Higdon’s done with the skies, ready to spend some time at ground level. The result is a very strong record, one that grows on me with each listen. Highly recommended, miracles or no.

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