Quick Review (LP): The Five Ghosts by Stars

stars five ghosts Stars
The Five Ghosts
Soft Revolution; 2010

My Rating: B

Best Tracks: “Wasted Daylight”, “Fixed”, “The Passenger”, “Changes”

Fun. This is like a lost Depeche Mode record, though heavier on the pop and a little less devastated. Thematically, it may seem at first like an awful dark record, but I tend to think the 5 ghosts being referenced are the band members’ lost 80’s childhoods. Haters will hate it, no doubt, but I haven’t heard a record this chock full of deliciously Saturday morning electro-pop since that one mix I made that brought together The Cure, The Smiths, and Tears for Fears. Some truly fine moments here (Millan shines brightest), start with the recommendations above and don’t overthink this one.

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Quick Review (EP): The Seance EP by Stars

stars_band_photo Stars
The Seance EP

My Rating: A

Best Tracks: “Opinions vs. The Sun”, “The Five Ghosts”

This feels a lot like the hardcore desolation electro-pop of Depeche Mode. I’m not sure what the “V. Album Leaf” and “v. Montag” means here, but the best track is probably “The Five Ghosts” anyway. Like any good EP, this has the complete and impactful feel of a solid short story. Perhaps these tracks were considered afterthoughts to The Five Ghosts LP-proper, but I think they measure up just as well to anything on that record, except perhaps “Fixed” and “Wasted Daylight.” As far as EP’s go, this is everything a good one should be.

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5 Reasons: The Five Ghosts by Stars

5 Reasons I’m Pumped for The Five Ghosts, the latest full-length from Stars…

1. Fixed: The lead internet-release single sounds fantastic, with a healthy dose of 80’s synth and a throwback, new wave vibe to boot.

2. A Solid Run: They’ve been on a pretty solid run of albums since Set Yourself On Fire, and there’s no indication they are letting up with this one.

3. Mysterious Concept: The album title along with the accompanying album art and overall aesthetic seems to be heading in a numinous direction. Concept albums well executed can be great!

4. Tom McFall: Album producer Tom McFall helmed the studio for the band’s masterpiece, Set Yourself On Fire.

Track Record: This is the band that wrote “Ageless Beauty“, “Elevator Love Letter“, “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead“, and “Take Me To The Riot“, just to name a few.

Anyone else psyched for Stars’ latest?