Radiohead: The Bends (1995)

(1995) The BendsRadiohead
The Bends; 1995
EMI/Capitol Records

My Rating: 10/10

We all know the story by now: one-hit wonder mope-rockers fated to follow their alterna-rock debut into oblivion go and record an album of beautiful, esoteric, and glorious Brit-rock, humbly putting loud-mouths like Oasis and Blur to shame. Where PABLO HONEY sounded a bit too rehearsed and over-produced, herein the band manage to let her breathe just enough to capture 12 cuts over-flowing with heart and vigor. Producer John Leckie wisely guided the band to emphasize their noisy streak, utilizing just as many live recordings as in-studio sessions.  Every song here could have been a single at the time, and every song is literally perfect. Simply put, one of the greatest rock records ever created. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” is the greatest album closer in the history of rock music. “Creep?” Never heard of it.

1. Planet Telex (5/5)
2. The Bends (5/5)
3. High and Dry (5/5)
4. Fake Plastic Trees (5/5)
5. Bones (5/5)
6. (nice dream) (5/5)
7. Just (5/5)
8. My Iron Lung (5/5)
9. (I Wish I Was) Bulletproof (5/5)
10. Black Star (5/5)
11. Sulk (5/5)
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (5/5)