Quick Review (LP): Sweetheart Rodeo by Dawn Landes

Sweetheart Rodeo - Dawn LandesDawn Landes
Sweetheart Rodeo
Essential Music; 2010

My Rating:  C+

Best Tracks: “Romeo”, “Little Miss Holiday”

Coming on the heels of the excellent urbanicana folk of 2007’s FIREPROOF, my expectations were high for this one. Unfortunately, it was a letdown. That’s not to say this is a bad record; it probably says more about the greatness of FIREPROOF. Landes plays very “low-key” music, and this time around it doesn’t have the staying power of FIREPROOF tracks like “Bodyguard” and “You Alone”, or even the ridiculously catchy stand-alone single “Straight Lines”. Folk music seems to go best with a lot of heart-on-sleeve, but SWEETHEART finds our leading lady a little too level-headed. I guess I’ll hold out for another great record the next time around.

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