Quick Review (LP): Tweez by Slint

Jennifer Hartman; 1989

My Rating: A-

Best Tracks: “Charlotte”, “Ron”, “Carol”, “Darlene”

They probably didn’t realize it at the time, but what the guys in Slint did with Tweez was deconstruct hair metal and hardcore. The guitars, drums, and vocals explode convention (at least the conventions punk kids were used to) and bleed into jazzy noodling and (classical?) dissonance. Most of the lyrics are fractured, dangling, and impressionistic loose ends that yield for the record a remarkably wide open sense of narrative. Albini‘s production is controversial and intentionally ugly, but to be honest, I can’t imagine the record any differently. All that random noise and nonsense just sounds right here, making this the Slint record with a sense of humor. Tweez is a strange and fascinating piece of work, a record with an inexhaustible sense of mystery, and one of the most consistently original rock albums you’ll ever hear. Seventeen years on, I’m still trying to figure out what there is “past where they paint the houses…” Sure, it pales in comparison to Spiderland, but what doesn’t?

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