Quick Review (LP): Simulacrenfield by Parlour

Temporary Residence; 2010

My Rating: C+

Best Tracks: “Destruction Paper”, “Wedder”

It’s happening to Parlour. I’ll call it “the slide into mediocrity.” The band’s first full-length, The Octopus Off Broadway, was a diverse, sci-fi, new-agey collection of instrumental indie epics that came off as utterly original. Simulacrenfield, the band’s third, sounds homogenous and under-inspired. It’s not that the tracks aren’t any good, it’s just that they are always on the verge of fading out of mind. Comparisons have been made to Neu! for this record, and that’s appropriate. However, even Neu! was able to inject a little drama into their best stuff. Simulacrenfield comes off like a bit of a workout, routine and precise, a bit like the last couple of Tortoise records. I’ll always have high hopes for the band that produced “The Living Beginning” and the Hives Fives EP, but Simulacrenfield unfortunately leaves me underwhelmed.

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