Quick Review (LP): A Ghost Is Born by Wilco

A Ghost Is Born
Nonesuch; 2004

My Rating: B- (64/100)

Best Tracks: "Hell Is Chrome", "Spiders (Kidsmoke)", "Muzzle of Bees", "Wishful Thinking", "Company In My Back", "The Late Greats"

Wilco’s "modern art" record.


"At Least That’s What You Said"

  • A lot of restraint here.
  • Very Neil Young-ish feel.
  • Tweedy’s guitar solo is a "musical transcription" of a panic attack.
  • Overall, nice switch from soft and delicate to full out classic rock assault.

"Hell Is Chrome"

  • "When the devil came/He was not red/He was chrome and he said/’Come with me’"
  • Love the lyrics on this one.
  • Again, a little restraint goes a pretty long way here.

"Spiders (Kidsmoke)"

  • As much as I like this track, it’s always hard not to think "OK, let’s just go ahead and hurry up that part where they rock out."
  • Around 6 minutes it starts to get really great. The lyrics get interesting, the guitars get aggressive, and stuff starts coming in from all over the place.

”Muzzle of Bees”

  • This is one of the best on the album.
  • The way the track builds – that’s great.
  • It’s really very lovely and subdued.


  • Great lyrics on this one.
  • But…the way the song ends bugs me a bit.
  • Overall, it’s a changeup for the band, and mostly a success.
  • But…not a resounding one.

”Handshake Drugs”

  • I’ve always preferred the version on the More Like The Moon EP. This one is too refined or something.
  • Actually, the live version on KT is better as well. Nels’ guitar work is spot on there.
  • Still, great song pretty much any way you slice it.

"Wishful Thinking"

  • Another great. This one is really about the musical atmosphere.
  • Great drum work by Kotche.

”Company In My Back”

  • It’s funny, I listen to a lot of these songs now and they sound a bit empty without Nels’ crazy guitar fills.
  • This one’s good, and it got better in later live performances.

”I’m A Wheel”

  • Sort of stupid.
  • I’m sure it’s really clever on some level I don’t understand.


  • This is an interesting track. Never loved it, but Tweedy’s lyrics are definitely thought-provoking.
  • I like the way he quotes Christ from the Gospel of John. Not sure what to make of it though.

”Less Than You Think”

  • So obviously this one is a drag.
  • But…consider what Tweedy has to say about it and why he thinks it fits into the album.
  • Even as I review it, I’m thinking, "Am I really going to listen to all 11 minutes of this drone?"
  • The answer: "Not today, junior."

”The Late Greats”

  • Love this one.
  • Tweedy really understands what it’s like to be a rabid rock and roll fanboy and a hopeless dreamer.
  • I have so many "late greats" in my life of music listening. Rodan, Month of Sundays, Crain, among many others.


  • This is Wilco’s most transitional record. There lineup was still in-flux with Jorgensen being added and Bach leaving shortly after the completion of the record.
  • I gotta admit, I hate the production on this record. It’s a huge drawback for me. Sounds sort of stuffy.
  • Tweedy is too cool to reach, but it almost feels like he is doing the "anti-reach" here. I don’t think he had a clear sense of direction at the time, and his response was just to put together some tunes that said "I know what I’m doing." This is the anti-Jay Bennett record, though not in any vengeful or bitter sense. It’s simply sounds like Tweedy did everything in his power to avoid making these songs poppy.
  • Visually captivating cover. Not crazy about it, but it grabs you in a minimalist sort of way.


Cohesion (4/5)
Concept (5/5)
Consequence (3.5/5)
Consistency (3.5/5)
Songs (4/5)

Quick Review (LP): Civilian by Wye Oak

Wye Oak
Merge; 2011

My Rating: C (49/100)

Best Tracks: "Civilian", "Fish"

– Jenn Wasner sounds an awful lot like Victoria LeGrand from Beach House, which on whole is a good thing.
– Hmmmmm….sounds a bit cranked out, a little too modern rock-ish.
– Beach House comparison are inevitable. Whereas Teen Dream sounded untamed and inter-dimensional, this sounds a little boxed and predictable.
– Compare this to the EP they released last year. There were some amazing tracks there, huge, nuclear songs where the band sounded full of passion. In comparison, they sound a bit over it here.
– "Civilian" is a pretty cool song. Very Neil Young-ish. Nice guitar solo.
– "Plains", I think, is an example of what is wrong with this record. It sort of plods most of the same way, and is periodically interrupted with an explosive passage. The only problem is that it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Seems lazy.
– All in all, this is either a much more subdued and meditative record than last year’s EP, or it is simply not as good. Unfortunately, I’m leaning towards the latter.
– "Dogs Eyes" has a very 90’s indie sound.
– I really appreciate the fact that Jenn Wasner can SING. 
– Both Pitchfork and AMG dig this album. I think they could do a lot better.

Cohesion (4.5/5)
Concept (3.5/5)
Consequence (3/5)
Consistency (3/5)
Songs (3.5/5)