Quick Review (LP): Nothing Is Wrong by Dawes

Nothing Is Wrong
ATO; 2011

My Rating: A+ (98/100)

Best Tracks: "Time Spent In Los Angeles", "My Way Back Home", "How Far We’ve Come", "Fire Away"

Scoffs at the sophomore slump.


  • Harmonies! May not be as otherworldly and numinous as Pecknold and company, but these are strong enough to match some of the best acts of the 70’s.
  • Great melody and lyrics on "Time Spent in Los Angeles." ("You’ve got that special kind of sadness/You’ve got that tragic set of charms/That only comes from time spent in Los Angeles/Makes me want to wrap you in my arms")
  • That breakdown on "My Way Back Home" slays me. Love the coupled guitar riffs at the bridge.
  • "Fire Away" is basically one big homage to Jackson Browne. And I’ll be damned if "A Little Bit of Everything" doesn’t strike quite a bit like "The Load Out."
  • What does "Million Dollar Bill" remind me of?
  • This is a great road record. It’s got that wide open feel, the themes of leaving town and coming home, of loves lost and revisited, of the nostalgia for yesterday and dreams of tomorrow’s endless possibilities.
  • I love the humility these guys bring to making music. Splendid.
  • Appropriate title, as this is one of the best of the year.

Cohesion (5/5)
Concept (5/5)
Consequence (4.5/5)
Consistency (5/5)
Songs (5/5)