Quick Review (LP): Lisbon by The Walkmen

The Walkmen
Fat Possum; 2010

My Rating: A

Best Tracks: “Stranded”, “Torch Song”, “Lisbon”

Ah, lyrics! Clearly enunciated lyrics. Mumblecore bands, take note: here we have a singer who sings, full-on and up-front.  The human voice! Wow! I detect a myriad of influences at play on this record, from the anthemic minimalism of The Joshua Tree to traditional styles including old-world music and primitive gospel. As a newcomer to The Walkmen, I’m delightfully surprised by Lisbon. This is a great album in the grandest sense, a novel of a record and no mere collection of tracks. There’s texture, location, vision, unity, high emotion, and all of the other factors that go together to make great art. A gloriously high aural experience, this should be experienced with headphones. Walkmen, sirs, I am sold. Now where’s that back catalog?

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