Quick Review (LP): Go With Me by Seapony

Go With Me
Hardly Art; 2011

My Rating: B (74/100)

Best Tracks: "Dreaming", "I Never Would", "I Really Do", "What You See", "Go Away", "Dream of You"

Partly overcast dream pop with glimmers of sunshine throughout the day.


  • Jangly dream pop with a heavy girl group vibe.
  • "Dreaming" is a strong opener. One of the better tracks I’ve heard this year. Peppy and hazy all at once.
  • "I Really Do" reminds me of The Pretenders. Dig the use of the slide.
  • You know what I like? It’s dream pop, and I can understand her vocals. In fact, I really like her voice.
  • This album has a very early 90’s feel to it. I can imagine myself going to see this group play in a small basement on a summer evening.
  • Love the riff on "Go Away."
  • The slower pace on "What You See" is nice.
  • Dig the cover, and the band’s name FWIW.
  • All in all, I dig this record for 3 reasons. 1. Pretty + intelligible vocals. 2. Simple but delectable guitar playing. 3. Dreamy atmosphere. This is by no means an earth-shattering record, but it is an exceedingly pleasant and charming one.
  • I suppose I agree with most of Pitchfork’s criticisms, but quite honestly I dig this record for its simplicity. It is a bit vanilla, but it’s a gourmet sort of vanilla rather than ice cream sandwich vanilla. That is, there’s a flavor here that sticks in my mind, and seems to beckon me return for more.

Cohesion (5/5)
Concept (5/5)
Consequence (4.5/5)
Consistency (4/5)
Songs (4/5)