Fleet Foxes: Sun Giant EP (2008)

fleet foxes sgepFleet Foxes
Sun Giant EP; 2008
Sub Pop Records

My Rating: 10/10

You know we are living in a good time for music when the songs of Fleet Foxes can be brewing in a gawky high-schooler’s bedroom one day and then rocking SNL just a few months later. This five-songer is no mere indication of greatness; it’s pure grandeur itself, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since R.E.M. released CHRONIC TOWN back in the day. There really aren’t words superlative and hyperbolic enough to describe the glories contained herein. “Mykonos” and “Sun Giant” would have been enough as a lead-off seven inch, but rounding it out with the other three tracks is like Christmas when you were seven raised to the power of your first kiss. Flabbergastastic.


1. Sun Giant (5/5)
2. Drops in the River (5/5)
3. English House (5/5)
4. Mykonos (5/5)
5. Innocent Son (5/5)