Quick Review (LP): England’s Newest Hit Makers by The Rolling Stones

England's Newest Hit Makers - The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones
England’s Newest Hit Makers
ABKCO; 1964

My Rating: C+

Best Tracks: “Route 66”, “Little By Little”, “Carol”

Hey rock and roll fanboy nerd guy. What’s that? You gonna give me a hard time about reviewing Rolling Stones’ early releases in their American formats? Well, fine then. But if it really means that much to you, why don’t you order me the British imports? There are only 5 of them, after all. Otherwise, shut up. Now let’s talk about England’s Newest Hit Makers. These guys sure seem to like American music, and in light of their later stuff, their sound is pretty well formed here. Yeah, there’s none of that distinctive songwriting that made these guys the greatest rock and roll band ever yet, but as far as performance goes, tracks like “Little By Little” and “Carol” show a band that was ready to scare the pants of your momma and daddy. Keith Richards is already a great guitar player, and Mick Jagger is already a great “guy-who-can’t-really-sing” frontman. Other than that, there’s not much here I’ll probably come back to, except maybe the tracks I listed above. I mean, you tell me if “Tell Me” is a good song or just some kind of R&B knockoff. For all I know, this is what every British band sounded like in the years immediately following the Beatles’ first album. OK then, there’s greener pastures than these. Let’s move on from here.

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