Quick Review (LP): Between the Buttons (UK) by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
Between the Buttons (UK)
Decca; 1967

My Rating: A (95/100)

Best Tracks: "Yesterday’s Papers", "Back Street Girl", "Complicated", "Who’s Been Sleeping Here", "Something Happened To Me Yesterday"

Cool, calm, and collected.


  • Love the verse/chorus inversion on "Yesterday’s Papers." The backup singers hit the mark.
  • Also, I love the way Jagger sings at a subdued level. He really doesn’t overdo it here as he is prone to doing.
  • "Back Street Girl" is such a beautiful tune. A total reversal of the lyrics. A genius moment.
  • "Cool, Calm, Collected" sort of has a McCartney vibe. Cute.
  • They couldn’t resist the urge to put a flute in the mix on "All Sold Out." It was the 60’s I guess.
  • Man, the fantastic melodies and playing just abound. "Who’s Been Sleeping Here" is great!
  • "Miss Amanda Jones" sounds like their early 70’s work.
  • "Something Happened To Me Yesterday" is so Beatles-esque. Sounds like it was acid-fueled.
  • I love the vibe of this record. They’ve really left the blues behind at this point, and they are making something entirely their own (and entirely British!). The songs are all brilliant, and what’s great about that is none of these are considered their greatest hits. This is a great deep cut record, and one of the Stones’ most unique.

Cohesion (5/5)
Concept (5/5)
Consequence (4/5)
Consistency (5/5)
Songs (5/5)