Quick Review (LP): Another Side of Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan
Another Side Of Bob Dylan
Columbia; 1964

My Rating: B (64/100)

Best Tracks: "All I Really Want To Do", "Chimes of Freedom", "My Back Pages", "It Ain’t Me Babe", "I Don’t Believe You"

Appropriately named, this is the point where Bob Dylan began to recast himself as pop music’s conscientious court jester. 

– "I Shall Be Free No. 10" is stupid, but it’s just absurd enough to hint at where Dylan would be going next. Also, sounds very dated.
– "Chimes of Freedom" is pretty remarkable lyrically, but conceptually it’s quite a bit like "A Hard Rain…" and "The Times They Are A-Changin." It’s a Dylan that would soon be left behind, and it’s not THAT great really.
– He gives us not one, but TWO re-writes of "Hard Rain."
– "My Back Pages" is transcendent and timeless. The chorus is one of Dylan’s greatest turns of phrase.
– "Black Crow Blues" looks forward to the really good stuff he’d get into later on.
– He still sounds very protest-y. The moments where he abandons the sermonizing are the best.
– Here’s where Dylan’s vision begins to expand, where he might have first realized that he could take the transcendent folk ramblings of his early work and infuse it with a sort of loose and absurd Americana melting pot and create something altogether unheard.
– I now realize that I really am not that crazy about Dylan’s first four albums. The next time around, he’d start to get REALLY good.

Cohesion (4/5)
Concept (4.5/5)
Consistency (3.5/5)
Consequence (4/5)
Songs (4/5)

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