Quick Review (LP): Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure

the cure three imaginary boys The Cure
Three Imaginary Boys
Fiction; 1979

My Rating: B

Best Tracks: “10:15 Saturday Night”, “Accuracy”, “Fire In Cairo”, “Meathook”

If you’re like me, your first exposure to The Cure was their poppy late 80’s/early 90’s fare, such as “Just Like Heaven” or “Friday I’m In Love.” It’s a bit startling then to go back and hear them toddling through the minimalist, sinewy rock of their early singles, akin to the wonder of the caterpillar and the butterfly. Though it’s not an excellent debut, 3IB is nevertheless a pretty good one. After all, you’ve got to appreciate a band that says hello to the world with a chorus that consists of the word “drip” repeated ad infinitum. The album has its missteps of course, most notably the cover of “Foxy Lady” that just about ruins the mood of the record, but tracks like “Fire In Cairo” and “Accuracy” are about as lean and mean as any post-punk you’re going to find from this era. Yeah, it’s sort of a hodge-podge, a record that’s more about a record label overstepping its bounds than an artist’s vision, but what are you going to do? There’s something primal about this record that keeps me coming back, and I recommend giving it a listen or two.

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