Quick Review (LP): Wilco (the ablum) by Wilco

Wilco (the album)
Nonesuch; 2009

My Rating: C+ (56/100)

Best Tracks: "Wilco (the song)", "Deeper Down", "You and I", "You Never Know", "I’ll Fight"

Apparently, this is Wilco.


"Wilco (the song)"

  • Groovy riff.
  • "Put on your headphones/Before you exploh-oh-oh-oh-ode"
  • This one will put a smile on your face, as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

"Deeper Down"

  • Love the start/stop thing here.
  • Very creative tune. Understated, but highly enjoyable.
  • A great intricate guitar tune. It’s not "Impossible Germany", but it rides that wave.

"One Wing"

  • Good tune.
  • However, I feel like it could have been a bit beefier. Feels too featherweight.
  • It’s also too fast. SLOW DOWN!!!

"Bull Black Nova"

  • Reminiscent of "Spiders (Kidsmoke)", but a bit more traditional in structure.
  • Also reminiscent of "Impossible Germany", especially the breakdown in the middle.
  • The lyrics remind me of Poe’s "The Tell-Tale Heart."
  • Honestly, I’m not really sure whether I like this tune or not. I want to, but something feels a bit off about it.

"You and I"

  • Pretty n’ sweet.
  • Feist is enough to make any track enjoyable.
  • Sort of flutters by in an exceedingly pleasant way.

"You Never Know"

  • Gettin’ his George Harrison on.
  • Great single. Just a sunny, breezy power-pop tune.
  • Love those harmonies.

"Country Disappeared"

  • Another pretty tune.
  • "You’ve got the helicopters danglin’ to shoot you/The shots feed the angry news crew anchormen"
  • Pretty great lyrics on this one.


  • Nice slide work.
  • In the vein of tunes like "Please Be Patient With Me" and "Leave Me Like You Found Me."

"I’ll Fight"

  • The lyrics are comparing 2 people. It’s an interesting comparison. A song about the fortunate lives of some and the rough lives of others.
  • This one’s acutally one of my favorites from the record.

"Sonny Feeling"

  • This is a song about a person "splitting in two."
  • Interesting lyrics. Some of the lyrics make me think of a "Jeremy" type character.
  • The pun in the title is just kinda silly though.

"Everlasting Everything"

  • I feel about this one the same way I feel about "One Wing." Not enough gravitas and it feels rushed.
  • Decent tune, but the recording could have been better, and the performance could have been a bit slower.


  • Lyrics take center stage here. This is Tweedy’s most singer-songwriter album.
  • Very understated. This record is almost a polar opposite to the band’s early catalog.
  • Tweedy’s songs are always good. This set is a bit ho-hum though.
  • Here’s my write-up from shortly after the album’s release.

Cohesion (4/5)
Concept (3/5)
Consequence (3.5/5)
Consistency (3.5/5)
Songs (4/5)

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