Quick Review (LP): The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place by Explosions In The Sky

Explosions in the Sky
The Earth Is Not a Cold, Dead Place
Temporary Residence; 2003

My Rating: A- (83/100)

Best Tracks: "First Breath After Coma", "Six Days At The Bottom of the Ocean", "Your Hand In Mine"

You just can’t go wrong with post-rock + disasters at sea.


  • "First Breath After Coma" is a serious "WOW" moment. One of the best tracks of the last decade.
  • I recall reading that this is a concept album based on the Kursk submarine disaster. Tragic and brilliant.
  • Sounds like active sonar, guitars pinging all over the place. Active sonar sounds a little more spooky in real life though.
  • Great moment: the meter change in the middle of "Six Days…" So mournful.
  • Come to think of it, track 3 is a brilliant little narrative. Love the way it dies out in the middle, and then picks up with a waltz.
  • On the subject of the Kursk disaster, there’s a very moving film on Netflix by National Geographic about submarine disasters. Part of the story follows a young Russian couple that was very much in love when the husband died in the tragedy. "Your Hand In Mine" reminds me of their story.
  • I can’t call all the songs perfect, but they are so considered and well constructed that bonus points are due.
  • This record is like one seamless and epic song. I love the fact that there are five parts, sort of like the five acts of a great story. One of these days, someone needs to make an otherwise silent, accompanying short film for this album.

Cohesion (5/5)
Concept (5/5)
Consequence (4.5/5)
Consistency (4/5)
Songs (4.5/5)

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