Quick Review (LP): Fluorescence by Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu
Polyvinyl; 2011

My Rating: D (31/100)

Best Tracks: "Trails", "Sighs", "Counterglow", "Pink Light"

There’s plenty of neat sounds on the dream rockers’ 4th LP, plenty of angular rhythms and an abundance of pretty persuasions, but in the end, the fluorescence here seems to be the electric, monotonous sort that emanates from the light fixtures in a million office buildings rather than the otherworldy glow of enchanting supernatural mysteries.


– "Pink Light" slows things down some and works really well, almost like a hybrid of Cranberries and MBV.
– The vocals are a bit too airy and thin, making it hard to detect anything in the way of soul.
Fluoresence seems an excuse for a lot of pretty and gee-whiz sounds, but the substance is hard to detect.
– The thing is, I think I could see this being really good if they’d slow things down a bit and live in the moment a little more, but the pace just seems so darn frantic, that by the time the better moments show up the pleasure center of your brain has been pulled in so many directions that it just wants to lay down and die.
– The suite approach of "Leave the Drummer Out" is def. engaging. 
Jason Lymangrover of Allmusic.com says this:  "[Yuki Chikudate’s] voice previously sounded sweet and gentle when buried in guitar swirl — particularly on Citrus and the excellent self-titled debut. Up close and personal, it can be dodgy, especially when she aims at shrill high notes and skates around them." My sentiments exactly.


Cohesion (4/5)
Consequence (3/5)
– It’s obvious they are trying ("Leave the Drummer Out There"), but it feels like more of the same.
Concept (3.5/5) – need to dig a little more here
Consistency (3/5) – A few good moments can’t save the overall flow of the record.
Songs (2.5/5) – This is where it really suffers.

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