Quick Review (LP): Tigermilk by Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian
Electric Honey; 1996

My Rating: B+

Best Tracks: “The State I Am In”, “She’s Losing It”, “Electronic Renaissance”, “We Rule The School”, “My Wandering Days Are Over”, “I Don’t Love Anyone”

The inaugural event – a reclusive Scottish kid emerges from a cocoon of chronic illness with a pack of songs so sensitive they make Morrissey seem like Axl Rose. Yet from the outset, Stuart Murdoch earned every ounce of success he achieved by writing excellent, wintry tunes that seem slight at first but carry quite a bit of weight after a few listens. Album-opener “The State That I Am In” is inferior to the later Dog On Wheels version, but as a statement of vision, it ranks right up there with “Radio Free Europe” or “Round Here.” Otherwise, this isn’t his strongest set, but it is one of the better LP’s in the Belle & Sebastian catalog. A personal shoutout to “My Wandering Days Are Over”, in my book the best track of their 90’s output. It’s an open-ended slice of escapism, a real winner, and well worth hearing.

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Allmusic review
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