Quick Review (LP): The Desert of Shallow Effects by Miles Kurosky

miles-kurosky-desert-of-shallow-effectsMiles Kurosky
The Desert of Shallow Effects
Majordomo; 2010

My Rating: B-

Best Tracks: “Pink Lips, Black Lungs”, “Housewives and Their Knives”

I know it’s not fair to judge an artist by his past work, but let’s be honest, it’s what we do. No one would expect so much from every new Dylan record if he hadn’t released all those great ones in the 60’s and 70’s. Miles Kurosky released two great indie records (When Your Heartstrings Break and The Coast Is Never Clear) as frontman and chief songwriter for Beulah many moons ago. Beulah’s last, Yoko, was a staggering let down. This is his first solo offering, and he seems to be trying to find a middle ground between Yoko and Beulah’s mid-period. It’s an admirable effort, but ultimately nothing here grabs me like “Burned by the Sun” or “If We Can Land a Man on the Moon…” This guy used to make sunny, clever, blissfully melodic indie beach pop. I don’t know what happened along the way, but that ain’t this.

Pitchfork review


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