Quick Review (LP): Broken Bells by Broken Bells

broken bells Broken Bells
Broken Bells
Columbia; 2010

My Rating: C

Best Tracks: “Mongrel Heart”, “The Mall & Misery”

Dull, dull, dull. And I like The Shins. Unfortunately for Mercer, these are the flattest songs he’s ever taken part in. I don’t know what sparked this on his part, because he’s made 3 pretty outstanding records with the band of his youth, but this comes off like something far less than a great collaboration. What’s most frustrating about the record is that it’s so non-salient that it’s nearly impossible to get a foothold. Most of the songs just sort of drift by on a mid-tempo beat, and what’s worst, Mercer sounds bored with it all. “The Mall & Misery” has a cool guitar riff, but even then it doesn’t come close to  The Shins’ best stuff. This one was a big disappointment.

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