Quick Review (LP): Brothers by Black Keys

The Black Keys - BrothersBlack Keys
Nonesuch; 2010

My Rating: C+

Best Tracks: “Too Afraid To Love You”, “Ten Cent Pistol”

This comes off like a grimier version of Maroon 5. I can see why lots of folks would be crazy about these guys, but it all seems a little bit put-on, a little too hip. I’m not going to trash it, because I could see it growing on me after a while, but I definitely don’t find enough in the way of hooks to make this seem like more than a couple of indie rockers who appear to be emulating a classic soul sound. They are at their best when they branch out sonically, as seen on “Too Afraid To Love You.” Additionally, some of the tracks attain an admirable urban-noir vibe (“Ten Cent Pistol”). I’ll be they do a killer cover of “Billie Jean.” Otherwise, this is decent, but nothing special.

Band website
Pitchfork review
Paste review
Metacritic reviews

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