Quick Review (LP): Infinite Arms by Band of Horses

infinite-arms-band-of-horses-300x300 Band of Horses
Infinite Arms
Fat Possum; 2010

My Rating: A

Best Tracks: “Factory”, “Infinite Arms”, “Dilly”, “Evening Kitchen”, “Older”

What’s amazing about this record is how completely tangible it is, from the chewy candy bars in the opening track to Bartles & James in the last. Ben Bridwell seems completely over his days of indie aristocracy, content to settle in and make a career out of his understated back porch power-pop. There’s hints of Pet Sounds, Summerteeth, and Iron & Wine mixed into the overall Allman joy of the record’s sound, yet it’s tracks like the opener “Factory” that characterize this as a sort of futuristic old school Country/Western record. Sounding bright and alive, Infinite Arms is probably the closest approximation of a great classic rock record this year.

Band’s official site
Band’s Myspace site
Pitchfork review
Metacritic reviews

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