Quick Review (LP): Good Dog, Bad Dog by Over the Rhine

Good Dog Bad Dog - Over the RhineOver the Rhine
Good Dog, Bad Dog
Narada; 2000

My Rating: A

Best Tracks: “Latter Days”, “All I Need Is Everything”, “Faithfully Dangerous”, “Poughkeepsie”

I’ve never quite understood the details of this record, but it would seem it was the last released by the “original” incarnation of Over the Rhine, that which included Ric Hordinski. The album title seems quite appropriate, the songs being wrapped in a swirl of existential angst toward God (whose existence the band never really seems to doubt). It’s quite an excellent album to that end as well, best enjoyed from the declining months of autumn into the dreariness of the late winter. “Latter Days” is absolutely gorgeous, and “All I Need Is Everything” features an outstanding vocal performance from front-gal Karin Bergquist. Let’s just put it this way though: you seem to hear her heart bursting forth with every subsequent note. To say that the songs on this album are heartfelt would be to call the Crucifixion a random act of kindness. That is to say, this record is an emotional and spiritual atom bomb. What a beautiful piece of heartache indeed.

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