Quick Review (LP): Sand & Lines by Venice Is Sinking

Venice Is Sinking
Sand & Lines
One Percent Press; 2010

My Rating: A-

Best Tracks: “Sidelights”, “Tugboat”, “Lucky Line”, “Bardstown Road”

Probably best termed dreamy Americana, this band follows the simple song, diverse and pleasant arrangement template. Even though it’s a Mercury Rev song, their excellent take on “Tugboat” seems to be the heart of the album. What it kind of reminds me of is a starrier version of the first Gram Parsons record. Like any dream, it tends to dissipate into a haze rather rapidly, with only a few displaced memories to remain, but that only helps the record in the mystery department. This is excellent rainy day music, and I love the fact that this was recorded on a ceiling mic in an ill-fated theatre. The violin, the vocals, and the drums are my favorite thing about this record. I wish some of the songs were a little bit longer (“Pebble Hill”, “Wurlitzer Prize”), but modesty is a virtue in most cases, and it’s better not to wear out your welcome. Then again, a deluxe edition with outtakes would be nice.

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Paste review
Pitchfork review
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