Quick Review (EP): Givers EP by Givers

GIVERS (EP) Cover ArtGivers
Givers EP
Valcour Records; 2009

My Rating: C+

There is much to be relished in the up-beat swing that indie music seems to be taking these days. I am a big fan of Vampire Weekend, New Pornographers, and others that fit this mold. Givers seem to be moving in the same direction, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for their first LP due toward the end of 2010. However, while they be working from the same general source material as the aforementioned bands (esp. Vampire Weekend’s afro-pop), nothing here gets under my skin in quite the way I would hope. “Up, Up, Up” is the obvious standout, but unfortunately it swings a little too far toward cutesy excess. The result is that it is catchy in the wrong way. The rest of the record is all in all a bit bland, but I give them bonus points for trying, and think they might be onto something. Finally, I’ll be these guys are a hoot live. FFO: Vampire Weekend, Talking Heads, New Pornographers.

Listen & Download it here

2 Responses to Quick Review (EP): Givers EP by Givers

  1. Casey says:

    A negative review of Givers EP? That’s a first. I bet you tell toddlers there’s no Santa Clause too 😉 Go back and listen some more. The first few times I heard it I wasn’t exactly blown away. But it’s now one of most played albums. It never gets old.

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