I Heard The News Today: RIP Michael Been

via the-call-band.com

Buddyhead is reporting the death of The Call’s Michael Been at 60.

What can I say? I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a musician who made such beautiful music directly from the heart. From everything I know, he was a total class-act. And that voice – magnificent and so human

The Call’s Red Moon is a classic and completely under-considered album. Here are some of my favorite lyrics from that album’s great lead-off track, “What’s Happened To You”…

What’s happened to you
You used to look so tired
Now there’s a spring in your step
And your words are on fire

Did you hear some great secret
Did the words ring of truth
Did you rise from the ashes
What’s happened to you

Where the four winds meet
The world is so still
The waves are not pounding
And the hungry are filled

Our shadows have crossed here
Where the sun touched the ground
The gathered are singing (ooh)
What a beautiful sound

Here’s a list of some of my favorite tracks by The Call:

Red Moon
What’s Happened To You
I Still Believe
Everywhere I Go
Let The Day Begin
You Run
I Don’t Wanna
A Swim In The Ocean
Like You’ve Never Been Loved
Become America

And here’s a clip of “Like You’ve Never Been Loved.” Godspeed good sir.

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