5 Reasons: “Sand & Lines” by Venice Is Sinking

5 Reasons You Should Pick Up Sand & Lines, the new album from Venice Is Sinking:

1. Tugboat (see above): This song is typical of the overall feel of the album — it’s a gem.
2. Recorded Live: The band recorded the album live in the Georgia Theatre, which burned to the ground a year later (in 2009). So it has a raw, immediate, even prophetic feel to it that is enhanced by the spectre of the venue’s doom.
3. Jolene: Their haunting cover of Dolly Parton’s classic sounds like they are singing from beyond the grave.
4. Harmony: The inter-twined voices of Daniel Lawson and Karolyn Troupe work magic throughout the record, creating dense and dreamy harmonies.
5. Bardstown Road: This one’s a great little drinking song, and you can sample it for free via Daytrotter.

Sand & Lines will definitely be in the running for one of my favorites of the year, and I will likely begin exploring their back catalog. Of course, if you subscribe to Paste VIP, you can download the entire album for free.

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