5 Reasons: The Five Ghosts by Stars

5 Reasons I’m Pumped for The Five Ghosts, the latest full-length from Stars…

1. Fixed: The lead internet-release single sounds fantastic, with a healthy dose of 80’s synth and a throwback, new wave vibe to boot.

2. A Solid Run: They’ve been on a pretty solid run of albums since Set Yourself On Fire, and there’s no indication they are letting up with this one.

3. Mysterious Concept: The album title along with the accompanying album art and overall aesthetic seems to be heading in a numinous direction. Concept albums well executed can be great!

4. Tom McFall: Album producer Tom McFall helmed the studio for the band’s masterpiece, Set Yourself On Fire.

Track Record: This is the band that wrote “Ageless Beauty“, “Elevator Love Letter“, “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead“, and “Take Me To The Riot“, just to name a few.

Anyone else psyched for Stars’ latest?

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