Tracks of the Decade: “Impossible Germany” by Wilco

20080227-wilco-1“Impossible Germany”
by Wilco
from SKY BLUE SKY (2007)

Wilco’s sixth album, SKY BLUE SKY, was a huge turning point for the band, an album that to this day either inspires principled adoration or decisive disgust. “Impossible Germany” was the greatest track off that album, and say what you will about the album as a whole, their IS almost universal consensus that the track is one of Wilco’s greatest. I can’t imagine them ever playing live again without running through “Germany.” It’s the sort of slowly building epic that is bound to induce chills no matter how many times you hear it. The good news is that this stunning ensemble performance is captured to perfection “live in studio” on SKY BLUE SKY. The song’s plaintive country-jazz groove seamlessly segues into a Television-esque guitar freak-out, with the noodly guitars of Jeff Tweedy and Pat Sansone arguing themselves into harmony while Nels Cline brilliantly executes his patented Nels Cline guitar solo. At root, it’s one of Tweedy’s prettiest latter-day melodies, a low-key but frustrated meditation on communication breakdown. In the spirit of the track itself, I won’t put across strident arguments for its status as one of the decade’s greatest. “Impossible Germany” qualifies for its sonic excellence alone. It’s an audiophile’s fantasy worthy of repeated headphone indulgence, and it confirms that the future is wide open for one of the decade’s greatest bands.

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