Classic Album, Quick Review: REM’s MURMUR

imagesMURMUR gets it right by starting out with the song that helped define a genre. Look up “college rock” in the dictionary and you’re likely to find “see RADIO FREE EUROPE.” It’s a marvelous piece of work, and the band’s restrained, confident take on the album version easily outdoes the rushed take on the early single version. The good news is that the restraint and confidence continues throughout the album, from the triumphant “Catapult” to the pensive “Talk About the Passion.” Still, there’s something of the post-punk fervor of the band’s roots hidden just below the mix. In true REM fashion, the songs are restrained because the band are holding back like true southern gentlemen. The revelatory issue is that MURMUR might have been a vastly different album if it weren’t for the fellows making the music. MURMUR is a rare debut – it serves as a sort of launch point for everyone of the styles the band would later explore.

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