Shout Out: Top 10 Emusic Purchases

I promise you I’m not getting paid to plug them, but Emusic has to be one of the coolest legal mp3 sites on the interwebs. You won’t find a whole bunch of major label stuff, but if your musical tastes occasionally stray into the indie, jazz, or classical categories, it’s hard to find a better bargain. On average, I’ve probably paid about 25 cents a track over the last year with Emusic.

Anyway, here’s a quick list of my Top 10 purchases from Emusic over the last year.

Nathan – Key Principles
The Magnetic Fields – Holiday
Ratatat – LP3
Four Tet – Rounds
Dinosaur Jr. – Beyond
Kathleen Edwards – Back to Me
Explosions in the Sky – All of the Sudden, I Miss Everyone
Faraquet – The View from this Tower
Josh Ritter – Hello Starling
Follow the Train – A Breath of Sigh

Reviews for each of these most likely to follow.

Anyone  else out there frequent Emusic? What are your top 10 purchases?

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