Lost Tracks: Radiohead’s “Meeting in the Aisle”

AirbagI’ve heard people say relatively little about this one, but this lost track from the post-OKC days has always been one of my favorite instrumentals. I’m actually not sure how much of this track deserves to be attributed to Radiohead, as the fellas from Zero 7 apparently did the “programming,” whatever that means. But this one’s all about the atmosphere, and it just conjures up the most compelling auditory-induced imagery in my mind. Hard to even put it into words, but I’d almost call this one “OK Computer in a track.” It really seems to combine all of the paranoia, traffic noise, pessimism, and information overload into a modest and palatable offering. I suppose it could best be classified as Radiohead’s first piece of “incidental music,” and I think it found a home on the old tour film “Meeting People Is Easy.” Still, this one’s always seemed to me one of the most underappreciated high points in the band’s back catalog. It’s a shame, because I love this track.

Anybody else really dig this one?


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