Yore: Guns n’ Terminators n’ Roses

arnietermI’ll be going to see the new Terminator flick on opening night this coming week, and I have high hopes for the renewal of the Terminator film franchise. Terminator 3 was pretty much a waste, and the series is almost to the point of needing a complete reboot, though it remains to be seen if that’s what Terminator: Salvation will do.

But this ain’t no movie blog, this is a music blog. Which brings me back to what might be the first piece of recorded music I ever bought for myself. I was nuts for Terminator 2 when it came out back in 1992, and in large part that was due to the synthetic artistry (read “joint marketing”) of the music video for Guns n’ Roses lead Use Your Illusion single, “You Could Be Mine.” Although the track itself has been oft-malgined as a “Welcome to the Jungle” re-write, I’ll take the epic hard rock posturings of just about any Illusion-track over what’s become the Chinese Democracy-era GnR. 

gnr“You Could Be Mine” is excessive, hard-nosed, and radio-ready, everything we grew to love about the Axl n’ Slash show. Somehow Arnie just fit right in with it all, and although the video suffers from a little bit of cheesy literalism (hey, that truck driver’s out-the-door, just like Axl sang!), overall it is one pure and spectacular hype-fest of operatic proportions. What a show!

Anybody else miss this kind of thing?

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