Shout Out: Red White Blue

Red White Blue EPThough they may not have delivered marketability on the band name front (try googling Red White Blue), Nashville’s Red White Blue deliver righteous sounds on their two debut EP’s. I think I first heard the song “Washed In The Blood” on local radio about a year ago, but at the time no release existed. Glad to see they’ve debuted with what basically amounts to an LP’s worth of material in two self-titled EP’s. Though they don’t stray too far from alt-country orthodoxy, Red White Blue’s two greatest strengths are in songwriting and diversity of sound. “Goodmorning” and “Turn This Around” sound like vintage Ryan Adams, while “Honest Mistake” could have featured prominently on The Band’s third LP, Stage Fright. RWB resembles classic Eagles on “Amelie,” with gorgeous layered harmonies and mountain high acoustic tones. “You Don’t Have A Clue” recalls the Emmylou/Parsons duet “Sweep Out The Ashes,” but it’s the Black EP’s “California Cries” that best demonstrates RWB’s potential. Keep an eye out for these kids.


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