New Record: Wilco (the album) stream

wilco_album_240If you can’t tell yet, I love me some Wilco. I am going to post a lot about Wilco, because they are probably one of my top 5 favorite active bands, and in my opinion they are America’s version of Radiohead, co-creators and transcenders of our own version of Brit-rock, alt-country, or whatever it is they are calling it these days.

And by the way, although I wasn’t crazy about A Ghost Is Born (‘sokay), I HEART SKY BLUE SKY and I will wear that t-shirt proudly. So there ya go, I like where Wilco has been heading. And while the new album cover took me and everyone else by surprise (more like “What the…camel!?”), I have come to accept that this class clown persona is a crucial part of latter-day Wilco. They’re not quite clowns, but rather more like court jesters, mixing the silly with the serious and the light with the dark. You could call this the “spoonful of sugar-era” of Wilco’s career.

The great news is that Wilco (the Album) is already being streamed from the band’s website. The songs are promising, the band sounds great, a little less roots and little more golden age alt-rock in the mix this time around. In particular, Nels Cline’s guitar experiments really shine in the new batch of songs, especially on opener “Wilco (the song),” where he adds a nice Surfer Rosa-era Joey Santiago-esque lead. And I dig it when Tweedy declares “Wilco loves you baby!”

So my initial analysis is that what we have here is a band that has finally found its stride.  I’m sure there will be more to come on this front, but I can’t wait to spin this thing in my car this summer.

What do y’all think about the new Wilco album so far?

PS DANG, “BULL BLACK NOVA” RULES! That breakdown in the middle of the song is great!!


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