Late Greats: Top 10 Louisville Records

Crain at Tewligans in the Glory Days

Crain at Tewligans in the Glory Days

Here’s the story: I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. I came of age right as the “golden era” of the local indie music scene was headed out the door, so while I didn’t get to witness some of the all-time greats (Slint, Rodan, Crain in the Speed-era), I nevertheless felt a part of it in my high school years, and continue to even as a suburban family man with three kids in Nashville. That music scene was a grassroots affair, and so it was always just as much about the friendships as it was about the music. Why else would I have spent countless Friday nights in high school watching a buddy’s band play for 15 other kids in someone’s basement?

Anyway, the only point of this post is really to give a shout out to my top 10 Louisville records. These are all records of the full-length variety mind you, I will probably post similar lists for seven inchers and such in the not-too-distant future. And as a further disclaimer, this list does not include My Morning Jacket, because although I love them, they have well transcended the local music scene and really don’t belong on this list anyway.

Without further ado, my top 10 Louisville Records. Explanations/reviews to come later:

1. Rodan – Rusy (Quarterstick)
2. Crain – Speed (Automatic/TRL)
3. Slint – Spiderland (Touch and Go)
4. Metroschifter – Capsule (Slamdek/Conversion)
5. Palace Brothers – Days in the Wake (Drag City)
6. Elliott – US Songs (Revelation)
7. Evergreen – Evergreen (Hi-Ball/TRL)
8. Boundless & Starstruck: A Lesson In Celebration (self-released)
9. Palace Music – Viva Last Blues (Drag City)
10a. Lather – A Modest Proposal (Self Destruct)
10b. Month of Sundays – Did You Bury Yourself Again?

Any other Louisville fanatics out there care to venture a list?


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