Shout Out: Bird Show of North America

Been going through an post/mathrock phase lately, brushing up on old indie faves like Dianogah and June of 44. Faraquet in particular sounded great on the summery drive home this afternoon.

One band I’ve been wanting to write about for a while is Seattle’s own Bird Show of North America. Purely instrumental, Bird Show really stands out from the pack because of a refusal to rely on the hypnotic “drone” so prevalent in postrock over the last eight or nine years and instead spinning out ten exhilirating and original tracks on their debut LP, Murder Over Moscow. The band’s style seems to meet somewhere between Faraquet’s angular and hard-edged guitar rock and Low’s emotive and expressive slowcore. Apparently no recording can capture the full Bird Show of NA experience though – during live performances, the band is “fronted” by an artist who paints – get this – birds. Of North America. But the CD itself provides a great document of the band’s sound. I for one hope to hear more from this band in the next year or so.

UPDATE: Short doc on the band on YouTube.

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