The Chronological Fifteen

Not really my top 15 – more like a chronological development of my musical tastes.

1..U2 – The Joshua Tree, taught me that music can emenate the eternal
2..REM – Document, taught me that being a teenager is liberating and joyful
3..Sunspring – Poppy, taught me that anyone can make a decent record
4..Rodan – Rusty, taught me that music can be so much more than 3-4 minutes ready-made for the radio
5..Slint – Spiderland, taught me that the kids of Louisville, Kentucky are a special breed
6..Crain – Speed, taught me that art punk could be classic
7..Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary, taught me something that eludes me now
8..Radiohead – OK Computer, taught me to love all things Radiohead
9..Modest Mouse – The Lonesome Crowded West, taught me what being young and lost sounded like
10..The Band – The Band, taught me that my Dad knew what he was talking about
11..Mark Knopfler – Sailing to Philadelphia, taught me to enjoy music with my wife
12..Wilco – YHF, taught me to love Wilco
13..Mark Knopfler – The Ragpicker’s Dream, taught me what happiness is
14..Over the Rhine – Ohio, taught me that we all have our songs
15..Radiohead – In Rainbows, taught me that I should never give up on the ones I love

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